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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon

Xanthe, bestest sis! That was a SWEET chapter! ^^ Like Scy said, I really loved how you started off with Dusty's past. And that bit about admiring Izante so much was cute. ^^ Maybe you could expand on that a bit? Like why she admires her so much. Oh, and I think some flashbacks wouldn't go astray either, if you want. =3

The battle was described really well. I love how they had to work hard to win - even with a type advantage. So it wasn't just something easy like "Dusty used Flamethrower and beat the Butterfree" xD

I couldn't help but feel that Dusty and Izante could talk a bit more, you know? Like explain their feelings in more detail snd such. I just felt like they could have been saying something more...not quite sure how to put that. ^^' But yeah, awesome job, sis!



Name: Azure
Pokémon species: Glaceon
Gender: Female
Age: 18 - young adult
Any added features: She has odd, dark blue markings that run down her back.
History and past: Azure was treated as mostly an outcast from all the other Glaceon in her pack due to the weird markings that plague her. Her family abandoned her in a glacier at a young age and she was left to fend for herself. Because of this, she's become quite tough and headstrong. Has never been up close to a human and doesn't want to.
Personality: Often stubborn, she's unwilling to trust others and does mostly what she likes. She's very wary and will usually attack first and ask questions later. Azure only shows her true kind side to those she trusts. Once she does, she'll protect them with her entire being - never questioning their loyalty back. Is quite sarcastic and moody and prefers to be by herself or in a small group. Is quite quirky and smiles quite frequently, though this is seen as more of a threat than an act of kindness.
Likes/dislikes: Nothing inparticular. She likes practicing her fighting abilities and stealth training. She hates crowded places and prefers to be alone.
Fears: Fire, her old home and is extremely wary of others.
Level: 22
Attacks: Double Team, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Swift, Icy Wind, Quick Attack, Aqua Tail, Protect, Glacier Frost
Alliance: Neutral - you know what I mean ^^
Anything I'm missing: Nope, I'm good. =]

Name: Glacier Frost
Type/Element: Ice
Power and PP: 150 / 5
Status Effects: High chance of freezing the foe
Desciption: A very powerful ice type attack that is utilised by launching an aura of pure-blue-white ice from the user's body. This special ice is surrounded by snowflakes and sharp icicles that can pierce even the hardest hide. The beam itself is launched at a temperature below −273.15 ° celsius - the coldest known temperature on earth. (only used in dire circumstances as it weakens the user somewhat because of energy loss)

Hope it's not too much info for you. xD

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