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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon

Originally Posted by Scytherwolf View Post
Ok, I'm done! I got this idea for a character based off a scyther in one of my old stories =3

Name: Shardclaw (or just "Shard" for short)
Pokémon species: Scyther (what else? xD)
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Any added features: He is a darker green than most scyther, and tall for one of his species. Along the left side of his body are scars from burns that look like they came from an encounter with a bad fire attack. The wounds have long since healed and the scars look like they happened long ago.
History and past: Shardclaw was captured and trained by a trainer who made a living stealing pokémon from trainers and selling them for a profit. He often had to threaten trainers and pokémon and fight them to aid his master in stealing them. Once the trainer got in a fight with the police, and one of the growlithes gave him severe injuries with a fire attack. His trainer fled and Shardclaw was taken to a pokémon center where he stayed until he was released back into the wild.
Personality: Despite his fearsome appearance, Shardclaw is a kind and helpful pokémon now that he is away from his trainer. He is polite and stands up for others, though is often very rude to fire types when he first meets them. He will help them if he can/if it is needed, but he is very uncomfortable around strange fire types.
Likes: Forests, shade, wide open fields, kind humans and pokémon
Dislikes: Eating berries, fruits, or plants of any kind (kinda obvious ^^;), Crowded human cities, intense heat or cold, battling (unless it's for sport and not against fire types), loneliness, being stared at by strangers
Fears: Evolving and fire...definately fire (fire types are included in this, though he is good at hiding this fear even though even the weakest of fire types terrify him)
Level: 23
Attacks: Slash, Wing Attack, Double Team, X-scissor, Night Slash, Air Slash, Swords Dance
Alliance: Good
Anything I'm missing: Nothing that I can think of^^

I think this character might be interesting in the story^^ I hope it's ok-it's really late here and I can't think very well xD Also I have a question-what role do levels play in the story?
Great character! :D
I changed the thing, so you can have him a higher level if you want. x3 (Recommended seeing he is an adult)

Um, well, it felt weird giving Dusty moves she could only learn by being a certain level if she wasn't that strong. It also gives me a rough understanding of how strong the Pokemon is. It's not a big role, because of Pokemon abilities and stuff. x3 (Strategies to fight and stuff).

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