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Cool Need Help!!!!! If you want to help read this!!!!

This is a hack me and a few of my friends are working on. The original post we made was on PokeCommunity Forums but their site is down.

We have everything posted there but due to our great need for people to help us out on this project. Since 3 people isn't nearly enough.

Here's the story

Region: Arcain Islands

You are a young boy who has lived on in Allo Town for your entire life. One day your mom informs you that an old friend of your father's is coming back to visit. His name is Prof. Heinrich and he's bringing a pokemon for you and your friends Will(default name) and Steph. As you proceed in your quest you start to encounter strange behavior from a few individuals that follow a man called Mallum deAngelous. Soon their goal becomes clear they plan to ressurect Grancaius the pokemon that created the islands and supposedly the world. But to ressurect Grancaius completely they must first gain control of the mystic dragons Reokage the ruler of the Night, and Rairora ruler of the Day.

That's all we got right now.

But we need a lot of help if this is ever going to become a succesful hack. We still need a spriter, mapper, and someone who can ASP hack. If you can help PLEASE DO SO!!!

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