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Default Re: Left 4 Dead RP [SU] r-13 for horror and violence

Bill reached the front door of the bar first, with Francis coming out behind him. They both immediately knew where the crash had come from when they saw the shattered front window of a closed down restaurant across the street. There was a car halfway through the shattered window, and the two men could make out the silhouettes of two people in the front seat. The people in the car appeared to be fighting or struggling with each other, and the screaming was coming from within the car.

Thinking someone to be badly hurt within the car, Bill and Francis rushed to it, approaching the passenger side window. Bill reached the door first, and opened it. There was a man in the passenger seat who was leaning over into the drivers seat, straining against his seat belt to reach the woman who had been driving the car. The woman was screaming and trying to fend off the man, who was obviously trying to bring harm to her. It only took Bill a few moments to determine what needed to be done, and he began to pull the man off of the woman and out of the car.

"What the hell are you doing?!" he said as he managed to face the man towards him. Bill's eyes widened when he saw the man's face; pale gray with pupil-less eyes. Without warning, the man let out a primal snarl and launched himself at Bill, the safety belt snapping under the strain. The old veteran was brought down to the ground under the man's sudden attack, and only just managed to grab a hold of both of his attacker's wrists before the man began flailing wildly, obviously trying to pummel him.

"Hey!" Francis roared, and he slammed his fist into the back of the man's head. Undaunted, the enraged man began snapping at Bill's face, bloodied drool running from his mouth.

"Get the hell off of me!" Bill cried, struggling to free himself. Francis landed another heavy blow, and when he saw that it again had no affect, he growled and turned back to the bar.

"Hang in there, Bill!" he said, running back into the bar and going behind the counter. He came back out with a baseball bat that had been hidden behind the bar counter.

"I'm warning you, *******, I will beat your skull in!" he threatened. The man didn't seem to notice and just continued his frenzied attempts to get at Bills face with his fists and teeth.

"Aw, just hit the prick!" Bill cried.


After a few confusing moments, Bill realized that his attacker was no longer trying to get at him. The veteran quickly flung the man to the side and scrambled to his feet. Francis stood with the bloodied bat in his hand at his side, staring at the body of the man he had just killed. A pool of blood began flowing from underneath the corpse's head. Looking at the body on the ground and the bat in his hand, Francis couldn't help but to feel guilty. He'd committed crimes before and had done time for some of them, but he'd never killed another man before.

"Thank you," Bill said, his breathing still quick due to the rush of adrenaline.

"I killed him..." Francis said, staring still.

"You did what you had to. Trust me, he would've killed me."

The burlier man knew that his friend spoke the truth, but he couldn't shake the guilt. The two men then remembered that the woman they had just saved was still in the car. Bill walked back to the passenger side and peered into the car, seeing that the woman was sobbing with her forehead propped up against the steering wheel.

"Are you hurt?" he asked gently. The woman appeared the be middle aged and had blond hair that was now matted to the side of her head with blood. The veteran assumed the injury was from the car crash. He also noticed that she was cradling her left arm with her right hand. "Is your arm broken?"

She didn't answer, only continued sobbing. Bill stood and gave Francis a plaintive look and shrug. More to get his mind off of his guilt, Francis walked around the car to the driver's side window, which was shattered from the crash.

"Miss, we need to get you to the hospital," he said, his voice a bit more gruff than that of Bill's.

"Just leave me alone," the woman whimpered. It was Francis's turn to give his friend a shrug. Bill looked around for something to help the situation, but besides the hissing noise coming from the wrecked car's front end, there was nothing but silence and empty streets and buildings all around them.

"Francis, is there a medical kit in the bar?" he asked. Francis nodded, and began walking towards the bar again. Following, Bill added: "We should call the police too."

A few minutes later, Bill slammed the phone back into its cradle, frustrated.

"911 is giving me a busy signal every time I try," he explained to Francis, who had returned from the back of the bar with a small medical box full of band-aids and gauze.

"Well, what the hell are we supposed to do?" the burly man asked, just as exasperated as his companion. Bill shook his head, having no answer. He was getting a bad feeling about all of this. The T.V. going out, all the phone lines busy, and the eerily empty streets seemed to foretell of something horrible, but the old veteran couldn't figure out what.

Or if he even wanted to know.

"We might as well patch her up as best we can," Bill said. "Let's bring her in here and get her cleaned up and comfortable until we can get a damn ambulance over here."

Francis nodded, thinking anything was better than just standing around. As the man began heading towards the front door of the bar, however, he heard sirens. Bill heard it too and both of them stepped back outside to see what was going on. As soon as they looked down the street, a squad car came tearing around a street corner, nearly skidding out of control as it turned onto the street that Bill and Francis were on. At first, both of the men figured that someone had heard or seen the crash and following struggle and had called the police. But after the police car sped right past them and the wreckage across the street from them without slowing a bit, they knew something wasn't right.

The squad car continued down the street and was soon out of site as it took a left a couple of blocks down, running a red light. Both men stared after it in confusion, but before either on could mouth any kind of speculation, they both heard something.

At first, it was quiet and sounded like the distant cheering heard in a football stadium. It increased in volume, however, and soon they understood that it was no cheering. A cacophony of shrill shrieks and eery growls came from all around the two men, and they soon saw the source.

Coming around the same corner that the patrol car had come from, a mob of frenzied people sprinted with wild abandon in their direction. Some were bloodied and some were not, but all had the tell-tale pasty, grey complexion as well as the pupil-less eyes. Bill had to remind himself to take a breath, and it took him many moments to tear his eyes from the horrifying spectacle.

"Get inside!" Francis was screaming over the noise, already holding open the front door of the bar and apparently had been calling to Bill for a little bit now. The veteran realized that they had been spotted by the mob who was now veering in their direction, only about 100 feet away.

The two men darted inside the bar. Francis locked the door while Bill ran to the back of the building. The mob slammed into the front door one after another without any consideration for each other's safety, as if their very existence was to get at the two men inside the establishment and tear them apart. Soon, nothing of the street or sidewalk right outside of the windows could be seen due to the mass of bodies slamming their fists into the glass and slobbering like wild dogs. Francis doubted it would hold more than a few seconds.

"Out this way! Hurry!" he heard Bill cry from the back of the bar. Francis turned and ran, hearing one of the windows shatter, allowing the snarling mob entry. Holding the back door open, Bill ushered his friend through and quickly followed, slamming the door closed just as two of the crazed monsters rammed into it.

They were in an alleyway, the spine-tingling shrieks of the mob still drowning out any other sound. The two men had no time to catch their breath, however, for the door they had just closed was knocked of its hinges and hung awkwardly in the doorway as their frenzied pursuers began pouring out.

"Run!" Francis cried, following his own command and taking off down the alley towards its only opening. Bill was fast on his heels, and the infected were fast on Bill's.
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