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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

"There!" Chibi suddenly shouted from Vyala's back. She thrust out her arm and pointed ahead. Aislinn squinted her eyes, she could hear distant roars, and some smudges on the horizon.

"They need help." Valcrist stated, his eagle eyes being able to see the farthest. "The Distortion's regeneration ability is dwindling their numbers." Suddenly, Vyala roared in anger, releasing a jet of hot fire into the air. The wind suddenly picked up, and Vyala and Valcrist combined their Aerokinesis, sending the two fliers rocketing towards the lake.

"Chibi," Aislinn called, "get ready."

Chibi just smirked and pulled out her Gaundao in preparation. A fireball came to life in her hand, and Aislinn began whispering to the trees.

(Bleh. Just bleh.)
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