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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

Alex, Kradra, and Cleo all flew through the silent forest, Alex being the one who expected a giant beast to leap out at them, or something of the sort. He looked around, but saw nothing unfamiliar or wrong with the area.

"Well, where is everybody, or for that matter, anything?" Alex asked quietly, knowing his thoughts would reach the gryphon's before his words.

I don't quite know, but we aren't exactly at the lake yet, either.

"Well, I hope we get there soon," Alex sad excitedly, almost loosing his grip on the beasts feathery mane.

Well, I, on the other hand, wish to not be involved in a fight of any sort, Cleo thought. It's a bunch of nonsense, if you ask me.

"Wuss," Alex said plainly, waiting for the response.

Do NOT go there with me, young one! Have you been fighting for your WHOLE life?

"Well, sort of," Alex spoke. "I mean, men, mainly, but not monsters." He grinned and looked back at Cleo. She was rolling her eyes, and scowling at the same time.

Whatever, as I said before, I don't WANT to be in a fight, anyways.

Stop bickering, you two, Kradra thought quietly. We're here...

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