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Default Re: DA 2: Peaceful Chaos [SU; In need of a few evil people]

Name: Chris Woods

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Personality: Chris can be kind hearted and open to people who gain his trust, he can be quick to judge people sometimes but is loyal to those who gain his trust. He is competitive and learns from his losses. He cares about his Pokémon and brings out their true potential.
He wears a white long-sleeved shirt with a pair of blue jeans. He wears white and blue trainers that have straps on them. He wears a necklace that has a Pokéball on it which contains his first Pokémon with a blue and white messenger bag.

Alliance: Rebel

Status: Rebel


Species: Hitmonlee
Nickname: None
Special Features: He was Chris’ first Pokémon, he has lots of cuts not because Chris treats him badly but because of all of the intense battles he has been in, he doesn’t like going down without a fight.

Species: Kingler
Nickname: None
Special Features: He wears a metallic band around his left wrist.

Species: Hypno
Nickname: None
Special Features: Hypno has a prisoner’s chain around his left ankle. Chris helped Hypno escape when he was a Drowzee from Team rocket who were holding him prisoner doing tests on him when he broke free with Chris’ help.

Species: Ariados
Nickname: None
Special Features: Ariados has terrible burns on his leg from when he got into a fight with a Charmeleon, Chris rescued Ariados and the Charmeleon fled. Chris took Ariados to the Pokémon centre and checked if he was okay, he was fine but the burns would be on his legs forever, Ariados decided to join Chris from there.

Species: Rampardos
Nickname: None
Special Features: When Chris was in Oreburgh City he helped Roark redesign his Gym, so in return Chris received a Cranidos Fossil but it had a chip in it, which caused his tail to have a blue and white stripe instead of just a blue stripe.

Species: Charizard
Nickname: None
Special Features: This is the Charmeleon that was attacking Ariados, he has a blue and white tail flame, nobody knows why though.

History: Chris used to live at home with his Mum and Dad, his parents couldn’t afford for him to go to school so he just played at home or in the woods, on his 11th birthday his Dad caught him a Tyrogue and Chris set out on his Journey after a tearful goodbye.

Other: RAWR! I hope you accept me… And this time I promise I won’t forget about the RP.

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