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Default Re: Racism-- It's Slowly Killing Me

Originally Posted by Deth Bringer Rita View Post
It's the most offensive term out there-- the "n-word". Please take notice how I had to abbreviate it like so. I will put money down on it that it's blocked on this site, but the "b-word" (insult to Mexicans-- think about it) isn't. Every day at school, people go out of their way to avoid using that word (the "n-word."), and the sad part is, we have one half-black senior!!! I know her pretty well and she doesn't care when people say that word, as long it's not as an insult. The only time I heard that word be used in an insultive manner was when Obama was inaugurated into office and all the farmer kids were calling him that racist word and wishing he would get shot to hell.
I wasn't talking about being offended by the word beaner, I was talking about how people will ultimately avoid the n-word just because all the famous black people of America went out of their way to get that word banned. Comedy Central will silence that word out. That is just dumb.

The only time on Comedy Central that the infamous word is played is only on Chappelle's Show. Makes you wonder-- how come only the blacks can say that word?

BTW, Carlos Mencia isn't even Mexican. He can still joke about "beaners", just as long as he makes more jokes about everyone else, too. He's not Mexican. He's Honduran and German. The end.

If everyone treated everyone s***ty equally, I wouldn't really have a problem.

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