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Default Re: DA 2: Peaceful Chaos [SU; In need of a few evil people]

Name: Sabrina
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Personality: Sabrina is a cheerful, friendly, gentle girl. She takes things calmly. But when under pressure, she'll freak out and act frightened or crazy, in a silly way, of course.

She loves Pokemon of any kind. Her own especially. Her Charizard is her best Pokemon on her team.

Sabrina's temper can get sour. When she doesn't get her own way, or when someone makes her mad, she'll pout, or she'll yell.

Sabrina doesn't like to see people or Pokemon get hurt. If she can put herself in harms way to keep friends or Pokemon safe, she'll do it without thinking twice.

I know it looks like a short skirt, but we'll call it a skort.

Alliance: Rebel

Status: Rebel

Flame the Charizard(Male; Holds Charcoal)
Ace the Butterfree(Male; Holds Red Sand)
Yuko the Primeape(Female; Holds Leftovers)
Crystal the Lapras(Female; Holds Mystic Water)
FireHeart the Raticate(Male; Holds Silk Scarf)
Ranger the Raichu(Male; Holds Amulet Coin)
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