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Default Re: Cruise Academy [Sign Up]

Originally Posted by Grsspkmnmaster View Post
So .... why are the kids on the ship?

Name: Derek Feyr
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Personality: He is always nervous and shy, but when he's comfortable, he never stpos. He is athletic, and likes to be active. He rarely sits till which can be a problem, but he knows when he's pushing his limits. He is cool and collected, and not usually stressed about anything. He doesn't get mad often, but when he does, he goes into almost a beserking rage, which has landed him in some pretty serious trouble. He is a nature lover, and will do anything to be outdoors, weather permitting.
He fights with strategy, but prefers raw power. He can expertly use swords.


Description / appearance:He is a 6'3 teen, so he's very slender and very lean. He's muscular, but only because he has no fat on his body, seemingly. His face has a few acne spots on it, but he loks almost normal. He has brownish-blonde hair and has green eyes tinged with blue on the outside. He wears black half rimmed glasses. He is almost always wearing a blue t-shirt and long jeans, and he carries a shoulder pack. He is only 175 lbs, so he is almost the definition of skinny.

Ability(s): Aqua-kinesis (control over water with the mind) and Metal-kinesis (control over metal with the mind)
they are on the boat for school then they get hit with the chemical.

and bout the abilities...... you need to pick one or two f the abilities in the RP. once you change it then UR ACCEPTED!

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