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Default Re: Pokemon High: A World Without Peace (REMADE! SU's OPEN!!)

Name: Nicholas Osbourne

Age: 17

Gender: male


He is about 5 feet tall and around 150 lbs. He has Long, black hair that parts to the right side of his chin. He has brown eyes, but tends to wear red contact lenses. He has a long nose, but not unsightly, and High Cheek-bones.
He wears black under-armor with a black polo over it. The polo has a skull on each shoulder with angel wings. There is a guitar down the center with roses on both sides. He also wears black gloves.
He wears a pair of Purple skinny jeans. There is also a purple and black studded belt. He wears a pair of black Vans.


He always wants to be the center of attention. He is extremely self centered and thinks he is the best thing since Wonder Bread. He can get depressed, but is highly unlikely.


He was born in Cerulean City, near the mountains. He lives with his mom and older brother. His mom was nurse at the center and his brother was doing individual studies of pokemon at the time he was 5. He was always fascinated in music, so he quickly learned as many instruments as he could. By the time he was ten, he learned over 25 different instruments. He prefers bass guitar, but will play regular guiatr also. When he turned ten, his mother brought home a Ryhorn for his brother, but, for some reason, his brother dissapeared, so Nick adopted Ryhorn. This is his most prized possession, and no one will take him away.

Pokemon: Ryhorn
1. Tackle
2. Tail Whip


Battle Class
Coordinators Class
PokeLanguage Class
Field Class

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