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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Group: The time protecters
name: zeke livingston
pokemon: typloshin,feraligator,empoleon,infernape,espeon,an d chikorita
history: zeke was born in almia 19 years ago all his life he wanted to be both a pokemon ranger and a pokemon trainer. At age 5 he got his first pokemon witch is now his typlosion. At age 9 he got accepted to the pokemon ranger school. When he turned ten they had cancled the pokemon ranger school cause peaple from the future said to destroy the school once and for all.
apperance: 7'2 brown hair white skin blue shirt with a picture of a capture styler blue jeans
goals: to restore time and remake pokemon rangers and take down palkia
enemys:palkia and his fowlers

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