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Default Re: Cruise Academy [Sign Up]

Originally Posted by Kayla Ann View Post

When your on a cruise you would think it would be all relaxation. But not in this life time. Here at Cruise Academy all of us students are trying to defeat the evil Dr. Shalkes (captain) and Dr. Selven (cruise director). Both were former mad scientist, but when they were goofing off in the laboratory, something happened. They knocked over a tube of Zenite sulfide, which is very deadly when used improperly. The chemical was pushed into the chemical Corate.

Together they created a mutation giving anything it came in contact with an ability. An ability to destroy things with a blink of an eye, fly, super strength, and agility. To determine what ability you would get depends on where the mutation hits you body. Dr. Shalkes and Dr. Selven both got covered in it when it exploded. So they got all of the powers. Now they work on a cruise ship (Cruise Academy), trying to destroy innocent students. It is our job to destroy Dr. Shalkes and dr. Selven while still maintaining and average life and school.

you can have, at the mx 2 abilities
First of all, this is just a Plot. you need a sign-up, rules, and a bit more. It's a good idea, but you just need to finish the RP with stuff like that.
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