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Default Re: Sonic Roleplay - The Chaos Kingdoms

Name:Curently unknown
Race: Hedgehog/Fox/Echidna
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark is 5 7 has long hedgehog spines half way down his back echidna dread locks and one big ass fox tail around 10 inches long.His furr is green he usaly wears a black top gry trousers plain shoes and spiked gloves he allways has his broadsword on his back.
Personality:Shy quiet and usally likes to be around friends unless he is in a fight he becomes a monster so to speak he loves to fight he will NEVER use his broadsword on those he can beat with his hands the unworthy if you will.he is very defensive around tthose he likes or those who can actully put up a fight agenst him.
History:Dark was adoted at age 1 and given back to the orphanage at age 2 when the aleins attack the black hedgehog who adoted him brought him back to keep him safe.(do you see where i am going with this? yes? good)After around 5 years he started to be able to controll ice and his unreal strenght came around seven his choas warp came from no wear it took him one year before he stop wraping during his sleep. by age 11 he had heard of the people fighting back agenst the aleins so far he was able to find and help them but he thinks they are wasting time not doing anything he is currently looking for his once foster father but he only has a island name.
Abilities/Powers: He can controll/make ice plus has a basic under standing of how to warp using choas energy with out using a choas emerald and monster like sternght.

(room for one more?)
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