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Default Re: 《*Zodiac Signs*》[Remake][RP]

Crystal Estrada

Crystal lunged through the branches of the trees, throwing herself with little effort as the wiry muscle in her arms rippled as she flexed them, enjoying the great wind that pounded her face. She leaped from the leafy canopy and landed on the ground on all fours, and took off even faster than she had in the trees. Her ears flicked as she heard the sound of a Jeep, and veered torwards it-a sharp left.

As she saw the jeep stop she lunged in front of it, crossing the dirt path and disappearing back into the forest. She headed towards the beach, where she suspected would be a nice place to find people like her-maybe. Crystal scampered up into one of the trees, climbing it until she emerged through the last branch at the top. She thrust her hand out into the sky, forcing flames out of her palms.

From the floating inferno a monsterous shape seemed to emerge. A pergerine falcon made of fire burst from the bonfire, and circled her. It swooped near her, and she tossed a large, fire resistant cloth onto it's massive back inbetween it's inwgs and leaped on, shifting into a confortable condition, telling it to go with her mind. Crystal swept over the beach, and then circled it with her bird of prey.

Down below a boy followed a girl closely, the girl seeming nervous and acted like she was about to break into a flat out run. Her bird screeched a glorious cry, and the rider sighed.

"Why can't you be a good bird and not have your own mind?" Crystal joked, and had her falcon carry her to a higher altitude.
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