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Default 《*Zodiac Signs*》[Remake][RP]

《*Zodiac Signs*》

All star signs have a story; some might not have a story at all…what’s your zodiac sign’s story... so many different kinds. Aquarius, Leo…which one? Ok so let’s cut the chitty chatter and let’s get to the REAL point.

Dr. Teroner Polinski, an Astronomer that lived in the mid 1900’s. He was a very skilled scientist that loved to study the stars in the sky. He always wanted to do his work by himself and he never wanted anybody to help him. His assistant Mark Blackcrow had always despised Polinski and wanted to take over the business so bad, he would do anything to abolish the doctor. Soon he started to create monsters from Greek Mythology that he found in a textbook. He studied the monsters 24/7, without a drink or even some bread. After awhile he went insane and started creating the monsters in weird ways, building their skeletons from dinosaur bones that he stole from museums, dogs that he had stolen from little girls, and eagles soaring gracefully through the skies.

He stole a scientist’s inventions from his lab and started making them for creating monster’s that nobody has ever seen before. For example: Furies, Hellhounds, Sirens, and many more. Dr. Polinski grew suspicious of his assistant and started to do some investigating. He went into Blackcrow’s house when he wasn’t home and found a piece of the textbook Blackcrow was using for when he was investigating the Greek Mythology monsters. Polinski picked up the piece of the page and was suddenly attacked by a Hellhound. Polinski was killed in an instant as the Hellhound ripped his heart out. All was left was a puddle of blood and Blackcrow petting his Hellhounds head, laughing as his plan came into play.

There was still something wrong though, Blackcrow had disturbed the constellations in the sky by bringing back the creatures that are only supposed to be known in mythology. The constellations fell from the sky one by one, the stars of the constellations had fallen on kids and had given them natural powers. The constellations of the Zodiacs told them exactly what to do, they had to destroy Blackcrow and find the machine that had made the monsters in the first place. The Zodiac have given the kids their powers to help the kids destroy Blackcrow.

Are you ready for the test? Are you just going to turn your back on the Zodiacs and let the Earth be engulfed in Mark Blackcrow’s minions? It is your choice…

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