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Default Re: Pokemon High: A World Without Peace (REMADE! SU's OPEN!!)

Name: Pokol DaErran

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearence: Pokol's about average for his age (5'7") in height, but weighs slightly less (112 pounds). He has mousy brown hair that's always askew in some way, no matter how much anyone tries to pat it down. (Pokol rather likes his hairstyle as it is.) He has purple eyes that seem to have an inner glow, and they actually do glow when it gets dark, although only softly. Two long, jagged scars run through each of his cheeks, although if questioned, he never says what caused them. He usually wears jeans, white sneakers, black fingerless gloves, and a T-shirt with a picture of a "NO" sign that has a lightning bolt instead of a slash in it.

Personality: Pokol has what could best be described as an "electrifying personality". He never stays in one place for very long (including in class, which has proved to be annoying for the teachers). If things start moving slower than his preferred standard of "way too fast" he'll take action to speed them up again immediately. He also has a love for wisecracks and for making them at inappropriate times. However, he can be very serious about doing some things (although that doesn't stop him from making jokes while he's doing them.) If he gets really mad, a strange buzzing fills the air until he calms down.

History: Pokol was born in a low-class neighborhood in the Holon region. The place was obviously recieving lots of attention by the government, and they obviously didn't care; the area had several security cameras and the streets were overshadowed by highways, yet the repeated gang activity in the area continued. Plus, the Holon Tower near the area started doing strange things to the gangsters... and Pokol. Although Pokol was originally a target for bullying, strange things happened to people who got on his bad side. A mugger stole his wallet one day, and the next an electric fence he was stripping copper wire from turned on an hour early. A gang member beat Pokol in the street, and when he went home to plug in the TV and watch the big game, the TV somehow turned on before it was plugged in and electrocuted the gangster. A prominent gang member threatened the store owned by Pokol's family, and when he walked out of the store, a broken wire under his feet suddenly became charged.
After several such occurences, the gang connected Pokol with the grisly deaths of their members due to electrical objects, and decided to leave him alone in fear that the next to strike against him would be introduced to 150 gigawatts by some innocent-looking appliance. Exercising his new immunity, Pokol gained his first Pokemon and began training them, although he had to practice by himself, since nobody really wanted to beat him in a Pokemon battle. However, once a government agent came from the Holon Tower in his search for the Mirage Pokemon and pretty much destroyed the neighborhood, Pokol's rage got the better of him and the man's electrical car exploded, killing him instantly. The remaining government agents were smart enough to put two and two together, and they carted him off for experimentation.
Using strange experimental methods, they left him with a handful of strange physical traits but managed to devolve Pokol's ability for unconscious revenge to nothing more to a slight electrical frequency. Noticing his love for Pokemon battling, they carted him off to Pokemon High, hoping to keep an eye on him there if any new mutations developed.

Pokemon: Pikachu and Ralts

Species: Pikachu
Nickname: Locke
Delta Species: No
1. Thunderbolt
2. Quick Attack
3. Shockwave
4. Discharge

Species: Ralts
Nickname: Marche
Delta Species: Yes (Electric)
1. Thunder Wave
2. Confusion
3. Future Sight
4. Spark

Classes: Field Class, PokeLanguage Class, Battle Class, Gifted Scientists

Other: Pokol's actually working against the Holon Tower's goals. He's seen what the Wavelength Energy used by the tower has been doing to the world and the Pokemon (not to mention himself) and is only attending Pokemon High in order to shut it down. After all, in his opinion, one Pokemon can't be worth all of this.

Hopefully Pokol's not a little too weird for your RP's theme... :P
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