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Default Re: Pokemon High: A World Without Peace (REMADE! SU's OPEN!!)

OOC: i'm ba~ack!! gonna sign up ^^ What does Delta Species mean?

Name: Howl Koyama
Age: 14
Gender: female
Appearance: Howl is quite tall, and has an agile, slim build. She is very fast and good at athletics, and her eyes are heterochromic*. Her hair is short, coming to just below the chin, and she nearly always has it covering her green eye (the one on the right). Her hair is scruffy and raven-black, but the tips fade into dark grey. There is a vertical scar over her right eye and her canine teeth are a little longer than usual. Some define her as good-looking, and she can't stand being called cute. Howl knows quite a few martial arts and is very good at Aikido, Bojutsu, and Archery. She wears a dark grey sleeveless shirt and jet-black combat trousers. If it is very cold she'll wear a very dark grey oversized jumper that belonged to her father.
Personality: A tough, silent girl, Howl is solitary and does things her own way. She is very hardy and won't ask for help along the way. Strategic and smart, Howl is an expert martial artist and is one of the fastest runners in the group. She won't blindly take orders, and will think things out. She is a very good fighter but has no friends. She doesn't trust someone easily and is very wary of a newcomer at first. She may be tough of the outside, but secretly she wants someone to acknowledge her strength.
History: Howl grew up a quiet life, living in a remote village on the edge of a forest, two miles away from the nearest town. She was home schooled for quite a while, and in her spare time she went out into the forest to climb, run, swim in the lake, and see the pokemon. She gained the scar on her eye when she fell off a very high branch and was scratched by another branch as she fell. In the forest was a little white and red vulpix that Howl made friends with. She had to move to a town far away to go to school, and took the vulpix with her. Her dad, her only living relative, gave her a Growlithe hatched from one of the eggs he kept (he was a pokemon breeder). Howl had to spray-paint the pokemon in their natural colours, but soon decided that if someone had a problem with her pokemon, they'd just have to get over it. So she now goes to the High School, a girl with strange eyes and strange pokemon, but she still does her best to stick to the shadows.
Pokemon: Growlithe and Vulpix

Growlithe (Male) (is dark blue coloured - genetic fault)
Nickname: Kiba
Delta Species:No
1. Flamethrower
2. Fire Spin
3. Dig
4. Fire Fang

Species: Vulpix (is white with red markings like Okami - genetic
Nickname: Tsume
Delta Species:No
1. Flamethrower
2. Dig
3. Crunch
4. Firefang

Battle Class
PokeLanguage Class(Learn how pokemon interact to better involve yourself with them)
Breeders Session (Learn how to take care of your pokemon)
Field Class (Learn how to live in the wild, and what to do when you lack supplies & such)

Other: *Heterochromic means that her left eye is blue and her right eye is green.


Class 1 - Battle Class
Class 2 - PokeLanguage Class
Lunch/ Recess
Class 3 - Breeders' Session
Class 4 - Field Class
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