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Default Re: The Tales of Yesteryear

Name: Derek Feyr
Age: 18
Group: Primarily Time Trekkers, though he will obey whoever is paying the highest salary.
Personality: He is always nervous and shy, but when he's comfortable, he never stpos. He is athletic, and likes to be active. He rarely sits till which can be a problem, but he knows when he's pushing his limits. He is cool and collected, and not usually stressed about anything. He doesn't get mad often, but when he does, he goes into almost a beserking rage, which has landed him in some pretty serious trouble. He is a nature lover, and will do anything to be outdoors, weather permitting.
His battle style will be almost entirely based on attack power. He doesn't waste time on moves that do little or no battle damage, and he like to have pokemon with high speed, attack, and defense. He doesn't care much for Specials, except for psychic pokemon, and he usually doesn't use regenerating moves either. He likes double effect moves, and he alwas keeps a level head in battles. He always plays to type advantage unless he knows there is a better way.

As of late, he has taken to the fact that in order to restore nature to its former glory, he'll have to work with the Time Trekkers, though he sees that almost any group using any legend will (in theory) be able to summon Arceus, and will go to the person paying the highest salary. He is more motivated by progress than ideals. Whoever will fix the world the fastest, and pays the most works for him.

History: He was born and raised in Fortree in Hoenn for his entire life. He had an average life, though he always blew the majority of his money in Lilycove on hiking gear. He always needed more money. He served as a guide in the city as a tourist sort of attraction, bringing people through the forests, maybe even showing them the tomb of Registeel on Rte. 121 if they paid enough money. However, he was simply a guide, and he was almost always in debt. At the time of the rendering of space, he was in the Kanto region on a trip in the Safari Zone for a change of scenery. He now lives in Celadon City, and travels back and forth through Kanto, Johto, and the Orange Islands to make sure time is on the right track to make sure nothing falls out of place.

Appearance: He is a 6'3 teen, so he's very slender and very lean. He's muscular, but only because he has no fat on his body, seemingly. His face has a few acne spots on it, but he loks almost normal. He has brownish-blonde hair and has green eyes tinged with blue on the outside. He wears black half rimmed glasses. He is almost always wearing a blue t-shirt and long jeans, and he carries a shoulder pack like the one in Ruby for the male characters. He is only 175 lbs, so he is almost the definition of skinny.

Goals: To bring time back to its normal balance, and bring nature back to its former order.


Aeris the Fearow


Poseidon the Swampert

Crush the Steelix

Flor the Venusaur


Skills: Good at physical work (strength, running and endurance), survival away from home for incredible amounts of time, and almost never getting lost.
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