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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Name:Aku Aku

Age: Unknown

Good or Evil: Good

Appearance: Like his brother, Aku Aku is a floating Tiki mask. He resembles a large diamond, with feathers at the top, and leaves from the feathers on. Aku AKu's eyes rest right beneath the feathers, and his mouth below there.

Personality: Unlike his brother, Uka Uka, Aku Aku is the spirit of good. The exact oppisite of his brother, Aku Aku is kind, caring, patient, and friendly. Over the years, his power has dwindled because of the constant anger Uka Uka has caused.

History: Aku Aku is the spirit of good, residing on an island that was once called Atlantis, untill Uka Uka destroyed it. Having finally had enough of his brother tormenting the humans, Aku Aku asembled a small gathering of Uka Uka's creations, and filled them with his own kindness and compassion, making them see the way he did. After managing to lock away Uka Uka, his brother laid a curse upon him.

Now, with his power constantly dwindling, Aku Aku resides in a museum as part of an African-American witch doctor mask.

Other:Aku Aku's power is extremely limited, due to a curse placed on him by his brother, Uka Uka, generations ago.
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