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Default Re: Manage Your Links Here!


Headlining Issue// Shrine: Yes or No?

A Requiem of Verities, formally (Geoffrey's Darkness) might have hit gold when he thought up the idea of a Spriter's Shrine. Basically, there is a new theme every month. Follow the theme, and your sprite will be accepted! Your sprite will get credit, even if there are a lot of donors and it takes several posts to get in all of the sprites. Each month, there will be a goal. So far, response seems positive. But will it last? Watch and see.

Click here for Spriter's Shrine

Notable Sprites// Fresh from Everywhere!

Giraficuno-Pokeperfect and Ed-DRCD

Please send in you sprites for Notable Sprite by PM. They just might make it.

Contest// Acoustic Blimp

Contest: Make our mascot! It must be cute, and since i feel like it, it doesn't have to have anything to do with our title!

Advertisements// How To Get Advertised

If you think that you ate in need of an advertisement, PM me, and if you're early enough, you might get 1 of 5 spots.

Advertisements// SpriteShops


Final Article// Spriter’s Showdown
As you may know, the Art Contest Boards aren’t the most active. But lately, SOME action has been going on. For example, Pixelated_moo’s contest is doing well. Still, these art contests won’t run themselves.
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