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Default Re: Zombie Attack

Pardon me for just one second.

Mustresistflaming impulse

Okay, got that out of my system.

Now I'll give you this, the concept is excellent. Zombie killing is always fun. But, put to paper... not so much. For starters, let's take a look at your plot. First off, grammar. MS Word is your friend CT, never forget that. Secondly, it's iffy in a few more areas, most specifically length and detail. Go take a look at Tombi and Gaby's The Merines, compare the two plots. You'll see the difference.

Secondly, your sign-up sheet. Now I'm not entirely opposed to using a pic instead of a description. I would never allow it in an RP I created, but some are more lax than I am and I can respect that. Histories are also optional, though they are welcome. But a couple of things. One, mood, generally going to fit into personality. Just saying. Two, the personality in your own SU is somewhat lacking. I'm honestly not going to judge you on your standards, I'm only suggesting that you improve your own RPing skills by observing and RPing with other people, and that includes SUs. And thirdly, this is largely the thing that got to me most is in regards to Adrenaline... are you aware of who Raven Simmon is? Because I'm just going to say right now, stealing obscure anime characters for RP characters, fine (*silently hides Shiki, the character I'm creating for Merines*), but using major celebrities, cheap cop-out.

I apologize if I came out as offensive, snarky, overly sarcastic, or simply a little mean at any point, that's simply how I tend to be and I try to curtail that when giving RPing advice.
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