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Arrow Zombie Attack


An experiment has gone wrong trying to change humans into super humans why?It went horriblely wrong. But , what does it change them into. Well lets test it. Oh no the it changes them into zombie ahh! It bit me I'm changing into one. Noooooooooooo! Well thats how it all started one persson changes then they all change. Now where stuck up in this mall trying to escape while there zombies around. It has been 3 weeks we've been up here and were running out of supplies and we don't know how much more we can take there starting to break the front door so were going to have to leave asap and find ssome kind of rescue. We'll find a well out of thi even if we have to blow tons of zombies heads off. My name is Tyson Bennent and thats my story . Can we escape or die trying?


Gender Boy - Girl
Description what they look like or a picture
Mood how they feeling in this situation
Personality what makes you you
Weapons melee and guns

Name Tyson Bennent
Gender Boy
Mood Pissed
Personality He is a crazy guy he does alot of crazy stuff but , also is smart in a weird kind of way
Weapon Shotgun .32 pistol a knife

Please join people hope you like it.




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