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Default Re: Dragon-Like Pokémon

Originally Posted by Malomyotismon View Post
Lugia a dragon? I must disagree as soon as I saw lugia for the first time, i thought "giant fishy bird" I was actually astonished to seeee that lugia was not a water psychic or water flying.
Ok, well maybe like a fishy dragon, eh? Try not to think like a Pokémon fan for a bit, I could see other people seeing Lugia at least sort of like a dragon. Maybe a sea dragon or something. Other people don't know about pokémon types. Just trying to think out of the box for a bit.

Originally Posted by WatchMeBeQuieter View Post
Gyarados and Charizard are both from gen 1. My theory is that the Dragon type was added late into development, as there are no damage-dealing moves of that type in gen 1, and only 3 Pokemon of the type. The best replacement of the type they could find was flying, which explains Gyarados, if not quite Charizard.

Then Dratini, Dragonair, and Dragonite, which appear late in the Pokedex, despite being able to be found before having 5 badges, were probably added late in the development to make one superpowerful non-legendary Pokemon with few weaknesses to be used by Lance.

That makes a lot of sense though. I mean, only 3 Dragon-types? And they are all in the same evolutionary change? Lance didn't even have enough for a full team of Dragons. But I do like his picks for Dragon-like pokémon.

On another note, are there any non-legendary dragon types that don't have any evolutions or don't evolve from anything else? I can't think of any.
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