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Default Re: Dragon-Like Pokémon

Originally Posted by theajshow View Post
Well, Lance uses Aerodactyl, and he's all about the Dragons, right? But that Wyvern does have an uncanny resemblence to Aerodactly. Maybe we wouldn't think he looks very dragon-esque, but if someone else, not associated with pokémon, might easily think he's a dragon.

Well, dinosaurs do kinda look like dragons, so there's that.

I was surprised Lugia wasn't a Dragon-type, I mean, Latios and Latias are, so why not Lugia? In fact, I'd go as far as to so Lugia is more dragon-like than those two.

Of course, there's other Dragon-types that aren't all that Dragon-like, take for example Altaria. I mean, c'mon! It's like a cloud-thingie. What's so dragon-esque about that? Vibrava is more like a dragonfly, so I guess that's pseudo-dragon-ish.

But think about which pokémon would be confused for dragons by other people. I think Lugia, Gyardos, Charizard (heck, even Charmeleon), and Aerodactyl would easily be thought of as dragons by people that weren't into pokémon. Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb here, but I could see Onix and Steelix being seen as dragons (at least in the Eastern Dragon style) by others. I actually thought about that the other day when I was using some Dragon-type moves with my Onix. Think about it, if you saw this huge long rock thing shooting out "Dragonbreath", what would you think?
Lugia a dragon? I must disagree as soon as I saw lugia for the first time, i thought "giant fishy bird" I was actually astonished to seeee that lugia was not a water psychic or water flying.
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