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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

Crystal Estrada

As Brendan lost and exited the clearing, Crystal followed him quietly, keeping in the shadows. She pulled herself up onto a tree branch and followed him from there, backtracking as he pulled himself up onto a limb himself.

"Why can't anybody accept me...?" he sighed gloomily. Crystal inched out of the shadows a bit, peering out at him. A memory from her dim past returned.


A small, blonde headed girl sat quietly in a patch of dirt under a leafy tree. Other children milled around, dressed inflashy clothes, whereas the girl sat in a sky blue kimono, almost identical to the one she wore now, except a different size. A Tailow hopped over to her and she whistled to it.

Th curious bird looked up at her and whistled back, and Crystal understood it. She held out her finger and it leaped onto to it, ruffling it's feathers as it perched on her index finger. She smiled, and ignored the other children, who looked at her as if she were a psycho. The memory faded into the pool of lost memories.

[End Memory]

Crystal sat and leaned against a strong limb that crossed another's path.

"I'll accept you," she whispered quietly. Silverwind scaled the lower branches and joined her. Crystal stroked his fur gently. She swivelled her head towards Brendan, awaiting his reaction.
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