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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

Aimee stood in shock as Brendan ran full speed into the forest, closely followed by Rork. She blinked, and soon enough he excited the forest. She was about to ask him what had happened to Brendan, since no one else seemed to care, but he fainted right on the spot. She raised her eyebrow and scoffed as his pokemon started sending commands. Once again, she didn't get a chance to speak as Blane gave his speech and flew off on his Noctowl. Aimee smiled slightly and waved as she saw him look down at her.

"Thank you! I loved your Frosslass," Aimee replied to Karuku, hugging herself and getting colder by the second. Bellossom grinned and waved up at Karuku, hugging Aimee's left leg.

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