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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

"Let's see. How should I wake Rork up? Lucario asked himself as Ditto followed him into the forest.

"Ahh, I know." he said as an idea dawned on him.

Lucario checked Rork's aura and saw that it was low. He gave enough of his aura to Rork to wake him up. Rork woke up and said,

"What happened?"

"You used too much energy too fast. You fainted. I had to wake you up. Lucario replied as Rork climbed down from Ditto.

Rork looked around and realized that he was really hungry. He looked around and saw a bunch of fruit in a tree. He ointed them out to Lucario who jumped up and grabbed them. Rork took a few from Lucario and bit into it. It was nice and sweet, so he tossed one to Ditto and called out the rest of his team to enjoy this little meal. When they were done, Rork felt good as new and also noticed that his Pokemon's aura was much stronger. He stood up and grabbed a some more fruit before returning his team and beginning to run in the opposite direction of the kids in the clearing. He stopped and had Lucario jump on his back after he changed into a dragon. He burst from the trees and began to fly above the forest. He saw Blane flying on his Noctowl and glided over to him.

"Hey Blane, have you found something?" Rork asked with his mind.

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