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Default Re: Supernatural RP Sign Ups

Originally Posted by metal sonic View Post
Name: Uka Uka

Age: Unknown

Good or Evil: Evil

Appearance: Uka Uka is a floating Tiki mask, and a source of pure evil. The mask appears to have three horns on the top, the one in the middle being more rounded, and four curving down on either side of the mask. From these horns hang magic bones. Teeth line the bottom of the mask, which move with his speech, and he does not have a lower set of teeth. His eyes are pure white.

Personality: Uka Uka is the embodiment of evil magic. A calculating, vicious, temper-prone creature, he is prone to attacking anyone with little provocation. Unlike his brother (whom is now dead), Uka Uka hates almost everything in existance, and will stop at nothing to bring the world to its knees.

History: The pure embodiment of evil, Uka Uka was the force behind the demon invasion, though he wiped their memories of it. With the ability to use black magic, and with extreme intelligence, Uka Uka has finally been released from the seal that's held him in the Temple of Heroes. Eager to resume his dark design, he's been devistating the minds of the super-powered humans and using them for his own means.

Other: Uka Uka can manipulate life force in addition to using Black Magic. Unknown to any, his power comes from the bones tied to his horns.

Uka Uka's flaw is that he underestimates his opponents strengths.

i really really like it. it sounds so good. he is accepted
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