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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

"Alright. If you need help from us. Just use your powers. I'll be able to sense the spike in your aura." Rork said.

"I think so at least." he added with a grin.

Rork ran back to the kids. It only took him a second.

"Alright everybody, the show is over and we need to keep moving. I , for one, am getting cold out here so let's try to find a cave or clearing where we can set up a camp." Rork turned around, started to transform, and stopped mid-way. The last thing he remembered was that he was really tired before fainting.

Lucario saw Rork faint and just shook his head.

"He used to much energy." he said to the kids standing around.

Lucario walked up to Rork and grabbed a Pokeball from his belt. He threw it up and Rork's Ditto appeared.

"Ditto, I'll need your help. Transform into a Nidoking and help me carry Rork." Lucario told the little Pokemon.

Ditto did and picked up Rork. Lucario gestured for everyone to follow him into the forest.

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