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Default Re: The term "gay". -ANGER-

Originally Posted by AllYourBaseAreBelongToUs View Post
Gay is not a synonym for something/someone that is not doing what you'd like it to.

It is a term used to label a sexually orientation, as soon as people understand this, we can live in a pro Gay/bisexual world.

As people are using the term "Gay" for things mentioned earlier, it gets negative connotations, people that use it now will pass it onto there kids who will believe it's just a term for things that are not doing what they should be. Thus, creating a child which believe being Gay is not right.
Are the majority of you all idiots? Can you not get it through your thick skulls that when pertaining to a sexual preference "gay" is a SLANG term? The appropriate term would be "homosexual". The word "gay" has been used for hundreds of years, longer than when it applied to homosexual people. The meanings of words evolve, deal with it.

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