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Well. Yes. This is going to be a rant. So if you don't like the fact that I'm ranting, then don't SPAM my thread. And if your going to say "gay". Then you're just immature...

Here's a little quote from Lord Lucario. Just to start things off.
Originally Posted by Lord Lucario View Post

Metallica was good... until the Black Album. Then they later went on to release St. Anger, which catapulted them to being the gayest band in the universe (until Cryptopsy released The Unspoken King). I still love me some Ride the Lightning though.

Unfortunately Megadeth sold out too.
Notice the picture and the bolded word. The word "gay" is perhaps the most hurtful, overused, NEGATIVE, CRUEL, and annoying word used to this day. I myself am bisexual, and when I hear that word every single day, it Peter Griffin says...Grinds my gears. I hear it from the mouth of only ONE type of person. Literally. Probably more. But, I mainly hear it come from the mouths of jocks. If anyone has a say in this, please, go ahead. SAY IT!
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