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Default [SU] A Tale of Two Cities {Pokemon RP}

Kanto Government File 993360497
Classified Information Level A
Do not Photocopy or reuse in any means.
Burn after reading.

ENTRY CODE 1122: Today marks the begginning of the start of a new war between the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions, both laying claim to Mossdeep city. Governments from both cities have called for acts of naval warfare for a long time, the Johto region attempting to act as a peace mediator between the two countries. The Kanto government has decided to remain neutral until the event passes, and will not accept goods, tourists, or other objects from either country until the war is over. Hopefully this will not take very long.

ENTRY CODE 9037: Today is the ten year anniversary of the war, and it has not shown to go favorably to either side. The Sinnoh regions have began a nuclear weapons program recently, dubbed the Anti-Arceus Project. Hopefully their fruits will prove unsuccessful as the devastation that follows a nuclear bombing is tremendous, and may cause irreversible damage. Johto has now formed an alliance with Hoenn for protection, and Sinnoh is pressuring us to do the same for their cause. Our government has declared itself neutral for the rest of the war, unless someone opens fire on Kanto itself.

ENTRY 2030: Well, the scientists working on the Anti-Arceus project have succeeded. They have harnessed energy that has effectively stopped the war, bringing Sinnoh out as the victor. Johto and Hoenn have ultimately been left alone, the devastation of the war numbering up to hundreds of thousands of soldier's lives. It is no small fate that this should happen, and all of the fighters will be commemorated on Kanto soil with a memorial to both parties, which will be placed on one of the Sevii Islands. The location is being kept secret for the time being.

ENTRY 2031: The worst has now come upon us. Three days ago, Sinnoh turned a nuclear warhead against us in a rage that we had remained neutral in the war. It was catastrophic. Five missiles annihilated everything animal in the entire region. Somehow the plant life and landscape had not been effected, but all technology has mysteriously disappeared, as are the roads that connected the towns previously. Strange. We are now rebuilding from the remains of Pallet Town and Pewter City in order to start the region over. The 'outside world' has agreed to leave us alone or share our fate. However, this gives us a chance to restart technology and civilization from the bottom. No one knows how this will turn out. Pokemon who still obey us outside of their pokeballs, few as they are, are among our companions here. This may be interesting.
As a villager living in one of the newly formed towns, you must learn to survive with none of the modern day tools that you have grown to love. Without the knowledge that was held on the internet before the strike, all of the region is forced to start completely over with them and their pokemon. So, will you give it all up to begin a new life?

[SU Sheet]

Age: [should be at least 15+]
Appearance: [four-six lines please]
Personality: [four-six lines please]
Special Skill: What can you do that will help your community? Farm? Smith? Try to be creative.
Location: Pewter (Ironborough) or Pallet (Lakeview)?
Pokemon: [up to three, no legends]

Name: Derek Feyr
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Appearance He is a 6'3 teen, so he's very slender and very lean. He's muscular, but only because he has no fat on his body, seemingly. His face has a few acne spots on it, but he loks almost normal. He has brownish-blonde hair and has green eyes tinged with blue on the outside. He wears black half rimmed glasses. He is almost always wearing a blue t-shirt and long jeans, and he carries a shoulder pack like the one in Ruby for the male characters. He is only 175 lbs, so he is almost the definition of skinny.
Personality: A rebel from the beginning of time, he is always trying to stand out from the crowd and be the best there is at anything he deems interesting. He is always hardheaded, and doesn't tend to sway much on a stance once he's taken it. Always the first to go diving headfirst into a brawl, he is a little bit anxious to do anything, and often acts rashly. He prefers to be alone, or in a group if it works out to his advantage. He likes to be thought of as a freedom fighter at current moment, but doesn't mind the term outlaw. He always speaks his mind, whether or not you want to hear it. Makes a lot of stupid jokes, and will always hold grudges.
Special Skill: He's a blacksmith.
Location: Lakeview

Kingler: Claw

Onix: Crush

Tauros: Rampage


Character List:

Grsspkmnmaster as Derek Feyr

Skipper the Growlithe
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