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Default Re: [SU]When Two Worlds Combine - Pokémon and Naruto[SU] Need Canon Naruto RPers

Am I still able to join this? I'm a huge fan of both of these.

Name: Ame Yuri (Pronounced the Japanese way)
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Sexual Orientation: straight
Personality: Ame can be a little rash sometimes, not thinking before she acts. She is strong when it comes to words and enjoys trying to persuade others. Her short temper can be a huge weakness, especially in battle, and often makes her even more hasty. However, most of the time she's careful and considers strategy rather than strength. She's very protective of her friends. Mostly, Ame is timid. She's easily impressed and tends to be distraacted easily.

Ame is different around those who are especially close to her, often outgoing and preferring to follow rather than lead. She doesn't want to upset them, and so usually lets them do what they want unless it somehow offends her, which is rare. She's only patient with those who are close to her.

Pokémon or Naruto: Pokémon
Profession/Rank: Trainer (Ace trainer)
Bayleef, male
Steelix, male
Noctowl, female
Gengar, female
Ariados, female
Egg (obtained from daycare)
Skills: None
History: Born in the quiet Solaceon town, she's rather timid. She'd always been interested in the Japanese language. However, when the worlds combined, of course, she was very confused and mostly lost her way.
Other: Is that enough?
RP Sample:

It felt like she was flying herself, even though it was really just the Noctowl, Tokei. She had named it the Japanese word for "clock," which was what a Hoothoot was often used for. When it evolved, however, she kept the nickname; changing it was just not her thing. The others who came with her were: Kumo, an Ariados; Yuki, a Gengar; Riri, a Bayleef; and she also traded a Bellsprout for an Onix named Rocky earlier on. She couldn't wait to see what was inside the Egg; she loved baby Pokemon, and how playful they were.

Finally, she pointed to a mountainous spot in the ground. "Oreburgh City, Tokei! We're almost there!"

"Hoo..." the Noctowl agreed, flying lower and letting the wind ruffle her feathers. It was breathtaking for Ame, but then again, just watching butterflies was.

But then, there was something like thunder, but not exactly. She got very dizzy, and felt herself spiraling down. Panic rose in her, but she could not scream. Why wasn't Tokei helping...? Then she realized her Flying-type was out of control also. She was even more scared, but it all ended when everything when black.

What the...?
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