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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

Lake Huron

Rork ran towards the lake. He could hear the sounds of battle ahead of him. He pulled his blade from the sheath on his back and ran even faster.

"Do not lose yourself in the heat of battle this time Rork." Tutrg commented to his partner.

"Don't worry Turg, that's what your for." Rork replied.

Rork concentrated his power on his blade. He lit the blade on fire as he burst through the trees. He spotted a Hydra and immiediatly ran towards it. He managed to suprise it and cut off it's head, and because of his blade, stoping it from regenerating. He then engulfed his free hand in flame, and shot it at a Harpie flying by, instantly destoying it's wings which let him run over and decapitate it. He saw Rokyn fighting another Hydra and ran towards it. He started to blast it with more fire.

"Rork, you are using to much energy to fast. You can't keep this up."

"Once again my old friend, that's what you are for. You can help me with your strength."

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