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The Lapis Library Archieve

In one of Geoffrey's fanfictions, later to be rewritten for the Pokémon universe he has created starting with Legend: Tohjo, the Lapis Library was a public library run by a Cresselia in the bottom of the ocean for water Pokémon that contains numerous legends and stories concerning the origins of problematic and mysterious phenomena, such as the story of Creation (Pokémonized) and how the notched/spiky-ear Pichu got its ear.

Legend: Tohjo
The first full story to be submitted to the Lapis Library Archive, it is about how the children of legendary Pokémon came to be, from all over the world.

Jokull had always lived by himself in icy lands he was born in. He is immune to the icy charm that is this land, and is able to control the weather in this place. But when a shooting star separates Jokull from his home, he ends up in the Honshu province, halfway around the world from where he used to be – according to Arezo, a very knowledgeable girl who claims that she is the daughter of a very powerful Jirachi – the two must join forces with other friends in order to solve the mystery of these legendary Pokémon that seem to be plunging the world into unbalance. But they will soon learn that this is because the children of the most powerful legendary Pokémon have been created, and that there is little anyone can do to stop them.


The One-Shot Archive

Winds of Change
Horror of the Ilex Forest
Song of Victory
The Professor of Pokémon Elite 2000.

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