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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

Originally Posted by KittenGirl2000 View Post
Karuku slowly opened her eyes. Her long, black/blue hair was messy, but no-one usually cared. She threw a Pokeball out, and revaled a Glaceon. It jumped into her arms.

"You aren't as cold as usual." remarked Karuku, which earnt her a cocked head from her Glaceon.

"It's true. Don't give me that look." Karuku said. She then stood up and walked out the door. There was a hallway with 7 doors. Karuku opened the closest door to her, and she saw two boys, a girl, a Megainium and a small Cherrim. Karuku sweatdropped.

"That Cherrim seems overly hyper." said Karuku, who brushed past Brendan.

"Omg! It burns! It burns!" cried Karuku, clutching her shoulder. She started rolling around in the snow.
Uhm...What snow, Kitten? You should fix that...We're in a building..
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