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Default Re: {RP} Affinity and Distortion

OOC: Now, I can finally post. It's short, but better than nothing.

Rokynaeer 'Rokyn' Santos
Lake Huron

Rokyn bit down hard on the hydra's neck, tearing the squishy flesh from it's neck. His crimson hide didn't camoflauge any blood stains, only made his scales glisten more. As the skull of the beast fell off, two more heads sprouted ghastly from the bleeding stub. If there was one thing that Rokyn hated, it was Akain Regeneration, a Hydra's blood magic.

"Where is the rest of the faction?" He growled, whipping deep gashes into his oponents chest.

The Hydra shrieked as two heads lunged for either wing. Rokyn leapt up in to the air, blasting out short bursts of fire from his maw. He rose a bit higher to see if any reinforcements were coming. His clan and the corresponding Gryphon kyn couldn't liberate one of the Great lakes themselves. Even Charms, the will-o-wisp was doing something, though, being eaten and incinerating his devourer from the inside out wasn't entirely appealing.
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