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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Well, I'm doing a medieval story. Think I should?

Two sides are at war. One Tamita, lead by King Scales, a Dragonite, the other Marla, lead by Scales' brother, Hype. A Piplup named Pail receives a vision that he must save one of Tamita's commanders, Malix the Gallade, and must stop the war, or both sides will be destroyed.

How did the war start? Tamita accused Marla of raiding a large supplement wagon from a neighboring kingdom. The supplement to the kingdom only came once a year, and was vital to Tamita. Tamita invaded, only to find that all the cargo had been eaten or used. Enraged by his brother's theft, and needing the supplies, Scales declared war.

Why did the Marlans raid the wagon? As it had turned out, Marla was forced to recover supplies from a treacherous war that had many casualties. When Hype learned of the supplement wagon going to Tamita, he decided to raid it. The Dragonite did not know that this would spark war.

That's the story line, with a few answers, anything else?
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