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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7

Your patient's name: Doctor Neo Cortex
Your Pokemon team: No pokemon (uses gene-mutating weapons)
Your power/ability: Profound scientific genius
Description/Picture of your trainer: Cortex is a short man, only going up to a notmal persons waist. He's also extremely thin. He wears a white lab coat on most occasions with brown gloves and boots, but for formal occasions, he has a black tuxedo. He has a goatee that ends in three points, and his hait is generally unkempt, and jet black. His skin is a yellowish collor from running too many experiments.
Short history: Dr. Cortex was, and is, the leading geneticist on the planet. With an absurdly high I.Q. of 5,000, Cortex actually IS a real doctor. Cortex was the man who turned the seven kids into what they are now when he used a gene-splicer to combine their bodies with the nearest living beings--Their pokemon. Cortex's process, however, wiped the peoples memories. Shortly after Cortex compleeted the procediure, his kidnapping and experimenting on the kids got him thrown in prison, and the children were taken to the hospital.

Furious, Cortex swore he'd get out and kill or re-capture the kids and use them to prove to the world that he was superior. He was born with a strangely shaped head, and too much time near radioactive materials turned his skin yellow, giving him his current apperance. Cortex has miniaturized his gene-splicer and turned it into a raygun thathe now carries with him. He broke out of prison last month.

Hope that's fine.
<Image made by Neo>

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