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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

I shrugged back and turned to the wall. "No...There's no way...I don't even think this is a hospital...I mean, think about it...We have powers, obviously.." I reached down into my jacket pocket and pulled out a Pokeball. It was tinted a strange purple color. "I remember this one...Come on out, Alakazam!" I threw the ball towards the wall, popping it open, a brilliant red light forming my Psychic friend. ALA! "Hey me try something...Alakazam, can you concentrate your power on my arms?" He nodded and stretched his arm towards both of mine, bending his spoon a little. A purple aura formed around him. I concentrated on my arms, summoning the same power I somehow had earlier. I felt it. The white hot rush of fire through my veins. It felt good, strangely. My sleeves started to smoke and I released the power, unleashing a powerful burst of flame at the wall. Alakazam caught it and forced it to stream a more straight shot. It worked. It busted the wall open, causing a rush of cold wind to blow in. "Oh shi-..." I fell to the ground, breathless and weak...
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