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Default Re: Mario and The Gang in The Cross Rp (SU!)

Name: Cynder

History: not needed (?)
Items: Fire Mushroom Bags


Name: Tiger

History: Tiger is an unsual wolf. She has wings and an unusual markings. She has the ability to use fire and has the strength of a tiger, fo that is how she got her name. She was all alone, but didn't mind it. That is until she met the dragon Cynder. The black female dragon told her that she was separated form a purple dragon named Spyro, and had no idea where he might be. Tiger offered to track him down, and has been traveling with the dragon for a while. On the way, they noticed that balance was out of order, and wondered what has happen. Once they find the purple dragon, Tiger had said she was going to find out what it is that has everything off balance in the world.
Items: Fire Mushroom Bags, Shell Bags
Side: good

Crystal Momoyia

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