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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

Aimee's Introduction

Aimee thrashed on her bed, messing up the perfectly white sheets covering the stiff mattress. She suddenly stopped, and froze in a rather humorous position if this were the time for laughter. She opened her eyes wide, frantically looking from left to right. Once she realized she was safe, she relaxed and sat up, still cramped from the living hell she experienced just two minutes ago. Aimee rubbed her neck, and lifted her limp legs over the side of her bed. Looking around the room she was being held in, Aimee couldn't help but be scared. The walls were rather messily slathered in white paint, although she didn't exactly know how she noticed that. Everything else, such as furniture, was the same colour, making the room seem creepily perfect.

Aimee shuddered, heaving herself up and off. Unfortunately, her legs were still immobile, which caused her to slip and fall flat on her face. She shrieked as she felt shards of...

"Glass? What the hell?" she mumbled, reaching up to feel her probably deformed face. Strangely, her hands came in contact with her very own smooth skin. Nothing was there, even though there was drops of blood at her knees. Aimee blinked, then shook her head.

"Whatever. This must be a dream, anyway," she said, standing up. But, as soon as she was on her two now normal feet, she heard a shout and the sound of something or someone falling. Aimee looked around and soon found a door. She ran to it, and pulled with all her might. She almost smacked herself in the face when she saw the PUSH sign painted in big red letters.

"Of course..." she muttered, rushing out of her room and into a painted white hallway, ecstatic that there could be another human close by.


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