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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7 [RP]

Crystal Estrada

Her eyes flitted open, blue and gold swirling in her irises. Crystal kept her cool, though she felt strange... different. A few leaves rested on her palm. They annoyed her, but didn't brush them off. She was schocked when they moved as the thought ran through her head. She sat up suddenly, gasping. Crystal glanced aorund the room, extremely panicked, then shielded her eyes from the light as her instinct drove her out of the building.

Her now enhanced senses guided her to through the maze of the hospital, leading her to an open window. Once again Crystal was on the verge of hysteria, and wished she could ride something down instead of jump. For some reason her hand shot down into the hidden flap in her kimono, pulling out a Poke Ball engraved with a 'WS'. She released the Pokemon inside and jumped on the shiny Charizard that had erupted from the ball, focusing on breaking the glass with something.

Crystal prepared to push through the glass and outstretched her sweaty palms. Water blasted from her hand and blew out the window with tremendous force. Shock pulsed through her veins, and she gripped the Charizard, Wind Song, tightly. The Charizard took off and glided into the nearby forest.
Crystal Estrada

Perched upon the thick limbs of an old pecan tree Crystal Estrada was pretty much safe, high from the ground; thick leaves hiding her. She used her acute senses to smell the wind and collect data from it, such as when people were coming and how many. She sat quietly, leaning her head against the tree.

Crystal's immense self control had kept the spine throbbing sobs at bay, and she was trying to hold it there. The memories were awful- well, those that were her first she could remember.

She reached her long arms out to a clutch of pecans nearly a foot and a half away, her nimble fingers sweeping them from their roost on the branch. She popped one of the pecans in her mouth-shell and all. There was a faint cracking sound and then she suddenly spit out the shell and bitter areas. Crystal did the same with the other nuts.

The girl had already weaved some of the branches together tightly to form a room and wall around her. She was a very talented craftswoman who would only work with nature, which meant she would only use materials from Mother Earth. A nature girl she was, and she had good survival skills, especially with her new abilities.

Her hand flexed and red hot flame spurted from her palm. Crystal stared at it in wonder before clenching her fist and extinguished the fire. She focused on some loose leaves on a branch near her, and they flitted to her hand like a trainer falcon or songbird. She stretched her hand outwards, palms facing the leaves. They rebounded off of the water tight branches and landed at Crystal's feet.
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