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Default Dead

Notes and Warnings of this RP-
1. This Role play is rated Teen, by me. Mild language and romance. Not recommended for the fainthearted. xD
2. There will be no spamming, degrading other RPers, bunnying (no matter what), being impatient with other RPers, or any other such nonsense.
3. This RP is intended for fun, not acting like wild animals who just drank a lot of alcohol ._.
4. I have very thin patience for horrible grammar. For example: "Brendan, plz halp me outttttttttttttttttttt!!!"
5. Any breaking of these rules will lead to your own demise.

"Kicked List"

Please obey these rules, and you'll stay off the list :]

Oh, and one more thing. People who were ACCEPTED by filling out their form can only post here. If you haven't, then tough luck. Reach me either through my messages on my page, my RP Sign-Up, or through private messaging.
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