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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7

Originally Posted by The Thoughts of Warhol View Post
Alright, thank you for signing up White Wolf. Uhm, a note to all that are reserving. The reserve expires within a day, with some exceptions. If I personally message you, saying I'm saving you a spot, then you don't have a time limit. Those are the rules Draco and Frozen. And it's good to see you again sir_Aaron. It's been a while :]
Gah! I can't remember, who are you again?

Your patient's name: Iris Blair
Your Pokemon team: Alakazam, Tyranitar, and Machamp
Your power/ability: Is Physchic, able to see into the future, but only by a few hours or minutes. She also has amazing strength, combined with Tyranitar and Machamp. She also has telekinesis and is able to fire a Hyper-Beam type weapon from her hands.
Description/Picture of your trainer:

Blargh, need to think of some pokemon. ><

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