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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7

Oh, okai. ^_^

Your patient's name: Aimee Greene

Your Pokemon team: Meganium (Female/Overgrow), Roserade (Male/Natural Cure), Leafeon (Male/Leaf Guard), Cherrim (Female, Flower Gift)

Your power/ability: Aimee has the ability to heal (Roserade's Natural Cure), communicate, and sometimes control plants. By touch, she has the power to bring back dead plants to life, and generally lighten a human's stress/anger (Meganium). This depends on Aimee's strength, though. Unknowingly to Aimee, every month she must recieve some form of sunlight, or else she'll become extremely weak and dehydrated; eventually die. When she is in sunlight, she's supposed to feel on cloud nine, like no one can touch her (Leafeon's Leaf Guard). But of course, that's technically impossible. But, when someone believes and persists that something is happening... it's happening. Since she's in a closed-no-sunlight building, Aimee doesn't have as much of an upbeat attitude, and closes up in terms of mood (Cherrim, lol I just had to add it). Her ability to communicate with plants can be limited, considering that different species have different attributes. Some flowers may be predators, and therefore, Aimee would have very difficult time managing to get it to concentrate on her. Trees, on the other hand are smart, and are the easiest to speak with. With healing, it's easier to heal plants, but much harder to heal humans other than herself.

Description/Picture of your trainer: woot, it's Aimee!

Aimee has shoulder length sea green hair, with bright violet eyes that analyze every little thing. Despite occasionally being distracted, Aimee is a smart girl. She loves to talk to herself, or anyone (or thing) around her. When you first look at her, she may seem like the quiet type, but she always voices her opinion, especially for those who can't speak for themselves. She's very poetic, often obliviously rhyming while she speaks. To her, everything is a somebody, and deserves to be treated equally.

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