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Default Re: Pokemon High: A World Without Peace (REMADE! SU's OPEN!!)

Name: Ariana Ballen

Age: 13

Gender: Female

Appearance: Ariana is small when it comes to height, but is rather slim, standing four and a half feet tall, and weighing about ninety-four pounds. Her eyes are bright blue, and whenever she's sincere about something, they seem to support her by glowing, or at least appearing to glow. Her hair is long, going down a bit past her shoulder blades. It's very straight, almost never getting tangled, and is colored jet-black. No matter whether it's warm or cool, she always insists on wearing a T-shirt. Its color varies by the day, but usually, it's some kind of blue or yellow, and rarely, green. Sometimes, it has a Pokémon on it. Her lightest yellow shirt has a Pikachu on the middle, and her aqua blue one has a Totodile. She wears one of these two most often, but mostly alternates. If it's colder, she wears a dark gray sweatshirt with a hood and long sleeves. Most of the time, she wears blue jeans, but if she has to do something athletic, they'll usually be black sweat pants. Usually, she has white running shoes.

Personality: Ariana is patient and doesn't mind waiting for things, unless it's a lesson, since she has a good imagination, and often thinks of things to pass the time. Because of her imagination, she carries around a small notebook in the left pocket of her jeans and often writes story ideas or sketches in it. Every day, when she gets home, if she has something new in her notebook and it's interesting enough to make real, she'll start drawing a real picture or writing a real story about it instead of just notes or thin lines. However, also due to her imagination, she is easily distracted and often does not pay attention if someone, particularly her parents, starts talking for a long time. Usually she is friendly and talkative towards those whom she knows, but never spreads rumors or anything. She has a strong sense of justice and stands up for those who are being put down or embarrassed.

History: She was born in a quiet town with not much action. Because of this, it was often rather boring; however, she often walked to nearby routes and got ideas for art or writing. She had much practice over the years and believes she is good at it. At age 10, her mother gave Ariana her own Pokémon, which was an Aerodactyl revived in the museum.


Species: Aerodactyl (Female)
Nickname: Sunaero
Delta Species: Yes (Ground/Flying)
1. Rock Slide
2. Aerial Ace
3. Earthquake
4. Dragon Claw

Species: Kangaskhan (Female)
Nickname: Markha
Delta Species: No
1. Dizzy Punch
2. Endure
3. Reversal
4. Crunch

Class 1 Math
Class 2 Field Class
Lunch/ Recess
Class 3 Battle Class
Class 4 PokéLanguage Class

Other: Nothing.
Talking to Myself...
Kangaskhan's R/S/E back sprite is so much better than the others, in my opinion. It holds a little baby! Isn't that just adorable?
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