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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7

Sign up-

Your patient's name: Blane Walker

Your Pokemon team: Sableye, Gengar and Noctowl (Infused with dark energy so is black and gray but if you don't allow this just tell me) and a shiny Umbreon. (All his Pokemon can use dark pulse)

Your power/ability:

I know this seems like a lot but I needed to explain it to you instead of just saying shadow and dark powers so here they are and please tell me if they are ok.

Shadow Manipulation- He can turn shadows 3d and control them. (Sableye)

Shadow Merge- Merge his body with his own shadow, giving him enhanced strength and vitality. As a shadow, he can fly and he can turn flat which allows him to pass under really tight gaps. (Gengar)

Phasing - Can walk through objects (Gengar + Saybleye)

Night Vision- Can see in the dark. (Noctowl)

Dimukinesis- Dimukinesis is control over darkness. Blane is able to focus, bend, create, and amplify darkness to transform it into a weapon and as an energy source. He can gather it into concentrated spheres, beams, sheets, etc. (Gengar + Saybleye)

Description/Picture of your trainer:

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