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Default Re: The Children of the Unknown: Story of 7


Your patient's name:
Crystal Estrada

Your Pokemon team:
Shiny Charizard {Wind Song, F}, Shiny Ninetales {Silverwind, M}, Rapidash with white star on forehead {Starlight, F}, Torterra {Harmony, F}, Sceptile {Scythe, M}, and Shiny Gyarados {Blood, F}

Your power/ability:
A resistance to fire (Flash Fire from Silverwind) and the ability to contol plants, water, and fire (Scythe, Blood, and Wind Song as well as Silverwind and Starlight).

Description/Picture of your trainer:

Crystal's kimono is sky blue and dappled with the black outines of overlapping circles that form flowers. She wears Japanese-styled sandals. Crystal's eyes are a deep blue that seem to swirl, and her skin is tan and almost free of blemishes. She has long blond hair tht is pinned up, giving her the 'Japanese-Maiden' look. Crystal is slim and weighs in at 87 lbs, and stands at 5'4.
.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
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